try-gracie-lake-norman-jiu-jitsu What to expect

A fun, happy and welcoming environment. Just get changed into your uniform and you’re good to go.  We will start you off with basics and get you up to speed with the move of the day.  Don’t worry…you’ll fit right in.

1st Time Visitors

We get visitors all the time. It’s exciting and a pleasure to meet you.  There is a $20 mat fee for all non-students.  It’s the best $20 you will ever spend.


Gracie lake norman-first day of schoolUniforms & Gear

All students are expected to wear Gracie Lake Norman Gis with patches on Gi days. No-Gi days require students to wear long or short sleeve t-shirts.  No tank tops or sleeveless shirts please.  We are afraid of your hairy armpits.