While we believe in teaching the best strategies for self-defense,  Gracie Lake Norman also incorporates a self-offense focus into martial arts training.  We train our students to utilize the Gracie Self-defense system to defend against attacks by becoming well-versed in jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and striking techniques.  However, we want our students to spot trouble and plan for it before it happens.  Our self-offense focus includes the following:

  • Teaching students to have a heightened awareness of their surroundings, spotting potentially dangerous situations.
  • Developing the ability to analyze situations quickly and pay fast attention to detail.
  • Building confidence and assertiveness that help to diffuse tense situations.
  • Perform situation analysis, where training involves quickly identifying threats or problems, formulating instant strategies, and executing those strategies rapidly and fluidly.

At Gracie Lake Norman we promote a well-rounded approach to martial arts training whether it be for use on the mat or for self-protection on the street.

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