Gracie Lake Norman Difference- No EQUALS!!

Developer of Strategic & Critical Thinkers

We love game theory, chess concepts, & philosophy. Logic and process improvement (6-Sigma concepts are introduced at a high-level to encourage better results & performance. It’s at the forefront of our teachings.  You will learn how to think ahead of your opponent and create advantageous opportunities.

Old Fashion Values & Teachings

The world has gone soft and some believe every child should be rewarded.  We don’t!  Gracie Lake Norman students:

  • Goal setters and achievers
  • Train & study smart
  • Fail fast & often (Opportunities are hidden within every failed attempt)
  • Ask questions
  • Get proper guidance.

Gracie lake norman-first day of schoolBest of all, they realize you win some & lose some, but you live to fight another day. This stuff builds character and mental toughness.

Proven Effectiveness

We are Process & Performance Engineers.  We want to improve the effectiveness & efficiency of every move and technique.  Each technique is written in a Step 1,2,3 format on the white-board and analyzed to ensure it’s the best way to accomplish our goals. Students are encouraged to poke holes in it before, during and after sparring sessions.

Self-Development & Discovery

We love to see you excel. Our instructors are educated in psychology and human performance. What does that mean? We will ask you questions for self-awareness, study you like a hawk and make personalized recommendations that will immediately improve your situation. Our feedback is timely and you will put it into practice until you are nailing the techniques. Your peers will be encouraging you every step of the way.  We love two-thumbs up!