Richie Peplin

The choice of Jiu-Jitsu gym is a very personal one. You’re going to spend a lot of time there with your coaches and fellow students. These are people you’re going to show your weaknesses so you better be comfortable with them! This is a fantastic group where everyone trains hard and responsibly. Everyone has a job to go back to and doesn’t want to leave all busted up. Don’t misunderstand though. This is Jiu-Jitsu, you will get bruised, and I’m assuming you’re okay with that if you’re looking at a sport of any kind. It’s important to note that Gracie Lake Norman is not all sport. The #1 focus is being street applicable. This isn’t the case with all gyms.

Instruction – 95% of the time there’s one Black Belt and one Brown Belt teaching the class. Ranard and Mike (Black Belts under 7th degree Coral Belt Luiz Palhares) alternate teaching classes, which is a good thing because they have different teaching styles that helps to see techniques from different perspectives. Matt (Brown Belt) is a great asset as well. We’re very fortunate to have this much hands on instruction each class.

Cleanliness – This is a clean gym. The mats are thoroughly cleaned after class, alcohol spray is always available for hands, feet, whatever you want to spray down.

If you’re interested in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, come check it out. The only true way to know if it’s a fit for you is to meet everyone and try a few classes.