Why Choose Gracie Lake Norman?

Our Martial Arts classes are built for men, women & kids of ALL ages & ALL skill levels.
Whether you want to learn self defense, get in shape or take up a new hobby – we have the perfect class for you. By using proven teaching methodologies, we help students master the art of self-defense faster than they thought possible.
Yet the benefits of Martial Arts classes go far beyond learning how to defend yourself. In the process of training in Martial Arts, our students develop confidence, grit and resilience.

Hidden Benefits of Martial Arts

Boost Your Confidence
Gain a boost in confidence knowing you have the skills to protect your loved ones & defend yourself against any threat.

Full Body Workout
Enjoy a full body workout that benefits every muscle group in the body. Practicing the Martial Arts helps you to increase stamina, get toned and become more flexible.

Develop Strategic Thinking
Martial Arts classes help you think strategically by learning how to think ahead of your opponent and engineer opportunities that tip the scale in your favor.

Maintain Focus
Increase your ability to maintain a sustained focus with zero distraction so you can meet your goals.

Start Your Journey

Are you ready to learn how to defend yourself & tap into your true potential?
Choose from one of our top-rated classes and experience the Gracie Lake Norman difference for yourself. No equals!

Gracie Lake Norman Difference: No Equals!

Old Fashion Values & Innovative Teaching Methodology

The world has gone soft and some believe every child should be rewarded.  We don’t! Moreover, we believe Jiu-Jitsu is a martial arts first and sport second.  EVERYONE should know how to protect themselves.  A street fight and competition are completely different.  No rules.  Therefore, we have to ensure you have a fundamental understanding of the Gracie Self-Defense system which incorporates standing and ground techniques.

Gracie Lake Norman students:

Developer of Strategic & Critical Thinkers

We love game theory, chess concepts, & philosophy. Logic and process improvement (6-Sigma concepts are introduced at a high-level to encourage better results & performance. IYou will learn how to think ahead of your opponent and create advantageous opportunities.

  • Goal setters and achievers
  • Train and study smart
  • Fail fast & often (Learning opportunities are hidden within every failed attempt)
  • Ask questions
  • Get proper guidance
  • Serve as an assistant instructor to solidify the information. You know it when you can teach it.

Best of all, they realize you win some & lose some, but you live to fight another day. This stuff builds character and mental toughness.

Your GJJ journey

Proven Effectiveness

We are Process & Performance Engineers.  We want to improve the effectiveness & efficiency of every move and technique.  Every techniques can be summed up in 3 simple steps.  Students are encouraged to poke holes in it before, during and after sessions. Learning is beyond just “drilling and sparring.”  You need to engage in discussion to solidify the concepts and techniques.

Self-Development & Discovery

We love to see you excel. Our instructors are educated in psychology and human performance. What does this mean? We will ask you questions for self-awareness, study you like a hawk and make personalized recommendations that will immediately improve your situation, thought process and understanding of the techniques.  Our feedback is timely and you will put it into practice until you are nailing the techniques. Your peers will be encouraging you every step of the way.  We love two-thumbs up!