Self-Offense & Self-Defense Workshop

We have created self-offense & self-defense workshops for a variety of audiences including for kids, adults, small companies, back to school and students heading off to college, community groups, clubs and a variety of organizations.

These comprehensive workshops are lead by our ranked and recognized Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu certified instructors, and cover the fundamentals you need to protect yourself on the street. The techniques are 100% realistic and based on Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, focused on both mental and physical preparedness. You won't be learning 'how to stab someone with your keys' moves but real, practical moves you can use to escape, control, and subdue if necessary anyone who threatens you.

We will discuss mental preparedness, environmental awareness, defensive tips, safety precautions, and 'criminal' concepts, as well as practice some physical techniques, moves on the mats and common standing techniques.

Wear comfortable clothes and invite a friend or two along for the fun!

Please respond if you plan to attend.

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We regularly schedule workshops throughout the year. Workshops can also be scheduled for groups upon request.

Please contact us to get on the announcement list or to schedule a workshop geared towards your group!