New White Belt to Blue Belt Program


We are very pleased to announce a revolutionary program that will guide all white belts to the next level (Blue Belts) It’s 60 lessons in 6 months. It’s highly structured and each student will receive their tracking sheets to account for their techniques. A letter grade based on their performance will be issued with feedback. A lesson plan will be made available to participating students. Moreover, each student will be recognized after every 15 lessons (Must confirm their understanding and demonstrate their ability to perform the techniques.) Each student will be required to take a final technique exam to be recognized as a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Blue Belt. This is an aggressive approached designed to fast track our students with the knowledge, skills and techniques they will need. You will learn: Positions, Position escapes, submission, submission defense, sweeps, reversals, throws, take downs, self-defense and more.

Existing Blue belts will join the Blue to Purple Program. Program will start February 4th, 2019