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Kids Jiu Jitsu in Mooresville

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Kickstart Your Child's Journey With Kids Jiu Jitsu!

Are you looking for a way to keep your child or teen active, to instill important life lessons like respect and self-confidence, and to offer them a chance to join a friendly, supportive community? 

Look no further than Gracie Lake Norman.

Our system is designed to be effective for children and teens of all ages and experience levels. Our proven methods will help students develop their physical and mental health, become more focused, and perform better in both school and their social lives. We're proud to be Mooresville's catch-all solution to improving your child's life, so check out our Kids Jiu Jitsu program today and discover how we can set your child up for success! Simply fill out the short form on your screen for more info!

It's More Than Just Kids Jiu Jitsu

The martial arts are about philosophy as much as action. When your child learns jiu-jitsu, they'll gain so much more than just better fitness. They'll become more confident and assertive, learn how to set and achieve smart goals, develop strategic thinking skills, gain ironclad discipline, and acquire a sense of respect for themselves and others.

Give your child the opportunity to take a step out of their comfort zone in an awesome and supportive community. Our members come to us from all across Mooresville, Davidson, Cornelius, and beyond. They come here because they know that they'll receive world-class training and gain positive role models. After all, we're the only school in the area whose instructor has real UFC experience, encouraging tactics, and a unique system designed to set students up for lasting success!

Bring your child or teen to Gracie Lake Norman and get started on:
  • Developing unshakable self-confidence
  • Personal growth in social settings
  • Learning how to set smart goals
  • Becoming part of an incredibly supportive community
  • Gaining important teamwork and leadership skills

By engaging with Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, your child will gain more than just physical fitness and self-defense skills. We don't expect your child to become a UFC fighter, but they'll gain meaningful and transferrable skills that will provide lasting, real-world benefits throughout their scholastic and professional careers. We are here to teach LIFE SKILLS!

Don't just take our word for it, see what parents are saying about the transformations of their kids and teens: 


"I was at my wit's end with my teenager's negative attitude and lack of motivation.  This place has completely transformed him. He's now more positive, confident, and has even made new friends. I cannot thank Gracie Lake Norman enough for the positive change they have brought to our family." - Sarah

"I’m happy to share my views on this place.  My daughter was struggling with bad grades, weight, and confidence issues.  We believe this led to being disrespectful and abusive towards others. The instructors (Ranard/Connor) were patient and taught her how to control her emotions and outburst.  She has become more disciplined, responsible, and has even improved her weight and grades. I highly recommend this program."   – John 

"Before my child started training at Gracie Lake Norman, he struggled with terrible behavior and couldn't focus for more than a few minutes at a time. I was at the end of the rope barely hanging on and didn't know what to do. But after only a few months here, I've seen a complete transformation. He's more disciplined, focused, and has a sense of pride and accomplishment. I can't thank the instructors enough." - Sarah, parent of 8-year-old

How Can Gracie Lake Norman Help Your Child Thrive?

Our mission is to do more than just teach your child jiu-jitsu. We want to do more than instill critical life values. We also want to offer them a strong community, inspiring mentors, and lifelong habits of physical fitness. That's why we teach a unique, value-driven system that builds up from the fundamentals and allows our students to hit meaningful benchmarks as they learn and grow. That's why we teach Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, the most prominent Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu system worldwide. We want to teach each student to try new things, that may be uncomfortable at first but we're here every step of the way. Remember, great things never came from comfort zones!

We split our Kids Jiu Jitsu classes into three brackets, according to age, so your child can learn alongside other students that are his or her same age and learn from their older peers. Our Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is split into:

Kids Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Ages (4 - 7)

This program is specifically designed to help them learn the fundamentals of jiu-jitsu, as well as develop agility skills, better coordination, and confidence. Our kids BJJ curriculum includes fun games and safe interactive drills that not only keep them active, but also teach them basic jiu-jitsu movements and simplified beginner techniques. The goal is to ensure they develop a strong foundation and understanding of jiu-jitsu, while still maintaining their interest by keeping it fun and enjoyable. Students are highly encouraged to train both Gi and Nogi as much as possible.

Kids Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Ages (8 - 11)

Our jiu-jitsu classes for kids 8-11 are specifically designed to help our students build a strong jiu-jitsu foundation through learning basic jiu-jitsu techniques and improving their overall understanding of the jiu-jitsu practice. This curriculum includes both beginner and advanced techniques, as well as coordination drills, agility drills, and fun interactive games. We also begin opening the doors to the exploration of core jiu-jitsu concepts and ideas. Students are highly encouraged to train both Gi and Nogi as much as possible.

Teen Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Ages (12 - 15)

Our jiu-jitsu for teens program is specifically designed to build a strong foundation in your student’s jiu-jitsu practice and to improve their overall coordination, movement, agility, stamina, and flexibility. Our teen BJJ students will also receive an extensive overview of all positions and techniques in the beginner and fundamental jiu-jitsu curriculum. Students who continue to progress beyond the basic curriculum will also be introduced to more advanced jiu-jitsu techniques and will also be given more detailed explanations of core jiu-jitsu concepts and ideas.  Students are highly encouraged to train both Gi and Nogi as much as possible.

Get Started at Gracie Lake Norman Today!

Doesn't every parent want the best for their child? Our Kids Jiu Jitsu classes will motivate and inspire your child to succeed! Come pay us a visit in Mooresville to see the real results we've helped other parents and their children achieve. We'd be happy to show you around. 

... or simply fill out the short form on your screen to learn more!

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