Luke M.

Assistant instructor


Luke M.Assistant instructor

My name is Lucas Moeller and I have been training Jiu Jitsu for 6 years. I started training under Tom Deblass at Ocean County Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as a way to get in shape. I had just renewed my license and I the new and the old side by side. It was shocking how much weight I had gained in 4 years. When I started training I was able to lose a ton of weight, and also I found a passion for something I never knew existed. For me, Jiu Jitsu became the “wonder drug” everyone is always searching for. At home I was a better husband and father, at work I was a better more empathetic leader, and in everyday life things that used to bother me no longer did.

Training Jiu Jitsu exhausts you not only physically but mentally, and the burdens you carry don’t feel so heavy anymore. While that became my “wonder drug”, my true passion is teaching and coaching. Nothing gets me more happy or excited when I see someone work hard to achieve a goal. When I teach someone a new technique and later see them use it successfully in training I am overjoyed with pride…even if they are using it on me!